Things got a lot weirder. I can’t remember too well what happened on the third day– I believe I spent most of it shopping and chatting with my roommate– but the fourth and fifth were certainly eventful, to put it mildly. I ended up an Izakaya with a group of people, where all the food […]

Context: I’m moving to Japan for a year (from now until the end of August, 2017) to study as an exchange student.  Well, those were the longest two (three?) days of my life. I had to drive all the way to Vancouver, since that’s where my flight was from, which in itself was a good […]

As I’ve been studying Japanese for about two months now, I thought it might be interesting to update every now and then with my progress. Maybe it will encourage someone else to start learning as well. Or maybe people will just enjoy laughing at how terrible I am with the language. Either way, it sounds like fun! I […]

Note: This review contains minor spoilers. Coming into a Key VN, ones tends to expect several things: moe, drama, and a bit of magic. Rewrite has an abundance of each of these things, but it’s actually the most unlike any other Key work. This is not a story of teenage melodrama, but a story of war, apocalypse, […]

Hyperdimension Neptunia is a video game series that has been drawing a considerable amount of controversy since the release of the first game in 2010. For the average (and uneducated!) person, the box art makes it seem like little more than “that creepy weeaboo game for pedophiles”, while for others their distaste might come from […]